Yoga Study Centre

Yoga Study Centre, Ganga Vihar, Haridwar Road(Phone: 91-1364-2431196) is one of the best and most dedicated ashram to Hatha Yoga. Yoga classes are held in the morning and in the evening every day under the supervision of Shree Rudra Dev, one of the most dedicated yoga teethed in the area. Bramachari Rudra Dev, a senior Iyengar teacher, conducts lessons in a rather militaristic style and students need to move quickly to keep up. Many western students appreciate his style and are able to feel the warmth behind his challenging adjustments. While Br. Dev's English is fluent, it might take a few days to get used to his accent, which is so strong that it is sometimes hard to tell whether he is speaking English or Hindi. His students are a mix of locals and Westerners. Donated mats and blankets are provided though if you are concerned about cleanliness you might want to bring your own. As with most Indian yoga schools, women should dress modestly. There are classes daily at the centre. Twenty day intensives are held three times a year during February, April and September. The centre is closed from mid-December to mid-January and for March, May and June. The Yoga Study Centre is on the other side of town from the other ashrams, and from where most people stay. A constant stream of Rs3 shared rickshaws move up and down the main road, and many go as far as the centre.